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The Interview

“Remember you can tell your grandchildren about this,” Jen’s husband snidely told her. She got out of his dark blue Mercedes wearing her best fitted navy Olga Cassini interview suit, and inhaled the cool crisp autumn morning. “You have a run in your stocking. Also, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes, to pick you up…

A Reading Reflection of Emergency

“Emergency,” is short story by Denis Johnson, that was first published in The New Yorker, recounting events that happened at a city hospital involving doctors and staff working in the emergency room. Writing in first person, Johnson takes the reader to an unbalanced, slightly deranged world with his use of specific details. For example, “The…

Points of View in A Good Man is Hard to Find

Flannery O’Connor wrote A Good Man is Hard to Find in third person and changes gracefully  to second person using the Grandmother’s point of view and later “The Misfit’s”. O’Connor is successful in creating a Southern world from the 1950’s, with a traditional middle class American family, by changing points of view throughout this story. The…

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Since 1971, Kathy Dwyer lived in Scottsdale, part-time, and loved its beautiful public libraries and the preserve, and has always appreciated the art of writing. Being a volunteer and contributing time and energy to many amazing non-profits has been an important part of her life. She has been a volunteer as part of a crew on tall ships and historic tugboats for over 8-10 years on the Hudson River; was a volunteer coach for the NYC Marathon and Triathlon Donate Life teams for over ten years; and now is a steward/volunteer at the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, patrolling the 225 miles of trails and assisting in hikes. She is thrilled to finally having the time and opportunity to enroll in creative writing classes something that she has wanted to do for a long time. Kathy is inspired and thankful for the insightful gifted professor Kim Sabin.  

Additionally, Kathy lived on the East Coast for over 33 years and worked as non-profit manager/director in Central Park, American Museum of Natural History, Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum, and South Street Seaport Museum. She was the first student to receive a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies, from Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC. Six years ago, she moved back to Scottsdale to care for her ailing Father and work at Scottsdale’s McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, as the Director of Steward Operations.